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Academic Transcription Services

With many years’ experience of working with universities and academic institutions, we offer confidential and cost effective audio transcription services for academic faculties with the following transcription requirements.

  • University research interviews, including one-to-one, multi-participant, telephone interviews
  • Market research interviews
  • Focus group discussions
  • Lectures and speeches
  • Presentations
  • Student dissertations
  • Academic symposia/conferences
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Conference calls


Safe and secure

security logoWe understand the importance of confidentiality and are happy to provide a Confidentiality Agreement or work within your own Non-Disclosure Agreement guidelines.

We only employ experienced, graduate transcribers who cover a broad range of areas and, where possible, we would aim to allocate a subject expert to your project.  Our team have the experience and skills required to cope with regional accents, multiple voices and specific layout requirements.  We never outsource work to inexperienced transcribers and everyone in our team has an excellent command of the English language.

We accept audio files in a variety of media, from:

  • traditional audio cassettes
  • digital audio files
  • mini discs
  • DAT tapes

View a more extensive list of our accepted audio file formats here.

Our transcripts are provided as either verbatim transcriptions (including all the ‘erms’, ‘ahs’, pauses and interruptions etc.) or intelligent verbatim transcription (excluding all noises other than the relevant script).  Your script will be returned to you via post, email or FTP server, as required within a:

  • MS Word document
  • PDF
  • Rich Text Format if required

The required format will identify each participant by their initials, reference number or name each time they appear in the script.  Scripts can be anonymised if required.  Our formats are flexible and we are happy to work to your exact requirements if you have a particular ‘house-style’.

Take a look at our highly competitive prices with discounts available for students and academic institutions.