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Audio Transcription Guide 


Creating a clear, good quality audio guide goes a long way to a faster turn around and lower costs. So, it pays to know a little about how to make the very best audio recording you can for transcription purposes. Here’s our audio transcription guide:

  1. Speak clearly and spell any unusual names or technical terms (either the first time they are referred to or at the end of the recording).
  2. Avoid background noise.
  3. Avoid using voice activated recorders as the recorder takes a split second to activate and the beginnings of sentences get cut off.
  4. If you are recording a meeting, use a conference microphone so that all the participants’ contributions can be picked up. Also each time a member in the meeting speaks, if they state their name, this will save time in us deciphering the different persons and therefore the transcription time will be faster.
  5. If you are particular about punctuation, dictate commas, new paragraphs etc., otherwise we will punctuate your work for you.

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